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Royal Army Service Corps
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Patron: HRH The Duke of Gloucester KG GCVO.
President: Major General GEC Carrington CB, CBE

116 Company Royal Army Service Corps

18  Company Royal Army Service Corps (AMPHIBIOUS) 


18 (AMPH) Squadron Royal Corps Of Transport


Hi Every One. Well the dust has settled in Barnstaple.  So I thought I would give you all an up date on what is going on in the Corps and our Association. The RASC and RCT weekend is being held on the 11 July at our HQ.  There are at present 220 who have indicated that they are attending. The RASC and RCT war Memorial is now situated in the grounds of St Michael and St George Queens Ave Aldershot.  Our Memorial was moved last year in time for the Corps Sunday parade.  Our Corps Sunday will take place on Sunday 12th July 2015 at the church above.  The Corps conference for 2015 is schedule for Saturday 3 October 2015. 

Since the passing of Jack McKee we were looking for a new Standard Bearer.  Well we now have a bearer and he is Ray Hutchings. The committee wishes him well in his new duties.
 Because of the Corps is celebrating its fiftieth anniversary at the HQ I shall not be organizing a separate reunion next year.  However the reunion for 2016 will go ahead as normal at our regular location. The dates for the reunion will be emailed out to individuals so please pass it on to Lads who are not on the email system. I am waiting confirmation on pricing and entertainment.  Having discussed this reunion with the committee I am intending to make the entertainment a little special as we did not make Lundy this year.  Full admin will follow by email or hard copy to Lads not on the net.
May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a happy healthy and prosperous new year.  Stay well you DUKW Lads.

From Terry (Taff) Peters
I came across this plaque in the attic, whilst I was rooting around. I'm not sure if it was an official plaque or one that I had made for me. Does anyone of the Singapore lads know?

I have just recieved this photograph from David Doyle a well known author who is writing a book about the DUKW and would like to know when and where this photo was taken I know it is of 18 Coy and pre 1962 and the guy standing on the right of the first DUKW looks like a young and slim Terry Peters  and I think it is at Crowe Point please help with info Geordie

Below is a screen shot from the film Rockets in The Dunes from 1960 
Identified sofar
Rear Don Cockel, Yorky Hopkins, Bill Boyd
Driving Geordie Nichol

Photograph from Dave Walker DUKW sinks in Albert Dock Liverpool March 2013
An amphibious tourist vehicle sank in the Albert Dock, Liverpool while on a tour of the city.
The Yellow Duckmarine started to sink at about 12:45 GMT on Saturday.
Passengers were moved on to a pontoon in accordance with safety procedures, said a tour spokesman. The vehicle then sank fully as it was being towed away.
The vehicles are a popular tourist attraction and take in city sights from land and water. They are staying on land during investigations.
An internal inquiry into the cause of the sinking is under way.
Diamond Jubilee
Paul Furlong, product sales manager for the Yellow Duckmarine said the unfortunate incident happened towards the end of a tour.
He said: We are looking into what happened.
Our crew are very experienced and acted quickly and correctly. No one was injured and everyone was disembarked safely.
Nobody went into the water during the sinking and the passengers were later refunded.
Tours on land took place on Sunday using other Duckmarines.
The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh had a trip on a Yellow Duckmarine in May as part of the Diamond Jubilee tour.
Stay well Lads we would have checked our plugs before entry."

Hi Geordie, regarding the above clip, old pal, firstly can I say that no way is the Yorky Hopkins that I know on it, as the clip was even before my time (December 1960) and he came to 18 coy way after me. However I,m certain the person to the far right behind Geordie Nicol is our old friend, Scouse (Evan)Lewis, also directly behind him is Dave Peddar, I agree with Don Cockell and Bill Boyd, in doing so I also wish to point out that I believe the corporal co driver is none other than that now deceased great actor John Thaw from the “Sweeny” and “Morse” TV  shows who was married to Sheila Hancock! As regards the two stood directly behind they were simply boy actors of the time playing “Cadets” for the above.
                 Hope I,ve explained okay, will contact again soon, best wishes Ossy “The Old Age Traveller

Photograph of 3 ex 18 Amph Sqn officers taken on 11th May at a Maritime Officers' Reunion at Marchwood. Left to Right is Andy Paterson, David Nicholas and me (Ron Dadswell). We all served under Russell Martin in about 1971. Andy took over from David as 2 IC and I was TCO.  We were there until the squadron closed down in Fremington.

Artists impression of proposed SQN plaque comments and orders to Mike please

Over the last few days I have been able to display the last plaque of the three amphibious units which operated the DUKW’s out of Fremington Camp.    Many thanks to John (Geordie) Routledge for his assistance in this display on our web site.   As you can see I have incorporated the three units of Fremington Camp in the scroll under the Dolphin and Sword with the DUKW in a very prominent place at the top of the shield it’s self.   The plaques are hand painted and there is an appearance of quality when displayed alongside other plaques you may own.    The prices are: for 10 plaques £38 each, and £39.50 for 5 plaques.   I have sold 5 already, therefore; another 5 would bring down the price to £38 which includes VAT and carriage.  We must remember, we a family out of Fremington Camp, and I hope we will remain so.   Stay well you DUKW lads we meet in October. Mike

Photograph provided by Mike Ross
L to R Mike (Taff) Ross, Dave Peddar, Alan (Tiny) Cookman, Hugh Montgomerie.
Swansea April 2008. 

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  • Mystery photo from pete


    Here´s another mystery photo that I have found in my archives. I know it was taken in Cyprus and I think it was a senior ranks party of some sort. That´s me behind the bar but who the others are I have no idea.

    Pete Walkington

Arial view of Fremington CAMP

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